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We’re excited that Voices Welcome has been selected as one of the Co-op Communities Fund’s local causes!

If you’re a member of the Co-Op, every time you buy selected own-brand products and services, 1% of what you spend goes to help fund community projects like ours in your local area. You can select Voices Welcome as your chosen cause on the Co-Op website, or if you’re not a Co-op member, you can sign up here first for just £1 and then select us.

And you don’t have to shop only in Southwark stores to help us – you can shop at any Co-op store as long as you’ve select us as the local cause you’d like to support.

Your pennies will go towards supporting people who have fled conflict and persecution. Refugees in the UK face many challenges, whether it’s their legal status, housing, access to services and employment, or prejudice and intolerance from public anti-immigration sentiment.

We believe that creating opportunities for refugees to come together and sing can make a big difference to their quality of life, bringing them and their communities closer together.

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