Fundraising challenge – Royal Parks Half Marathon

What was the challenge? Royal Parks Half Marathon


When? Sunday 13th October 2019


Where? Through Hyde Park, Green Park, St James’ Park


Who was involved? Our (first ever!) Voices Welcome running team consisted of four volunteers – Laura O’Brien, Simon Cuthburt, Jeremy Parkinson and Xenia Davis.


How much did you raise? £1,900


What was it like? “The best thing about being a runner was that I found it really inspiring on the day to be running in a sea of so many other runners, so many of whom were running to support charities. I actually found it really emotional for the first kilometre or so, especially having been involved in setting up Voices Welcome from the offset, and it felt very humbling that we were now at a stage where we had a team of runners who believed in what we are doing enough that they’d all fund raised and trained to support us, and were now putting themselves through a 13-mile run on our behalf!

I initially had planned to run to music but as I crossed the start line I turned my music off and just ran and listened to the crowds – I felt like I wanted to experience it and really be there, and not be distracted in a world of headphones and audio input.

And also it’s a beautiful route!” – Team Voices Welcome runner

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