Four of our favourite songs

Our project in Southwark, South London, has been running since spring 2019 delivering weekly sings sessions with the local community.

Here are four songs that are popular with our group – they love to come together and suggest songs from their cultures too.

We think you’ll be singing out loud by the time you finish this article…

Long Time Gal – by Louise Bennett

This well-known Jamaican folk song was taught to us by one of our singers. It’s a favourite of the group and comes complete with dance moves!

Freedom is Coming

This is a South African song and was sung during apartheid as an expression of hope and staying strong during difficult times, and we think that’s part of the reason it’s resonated with our singing group so much. Here’s a version of the song being performed at Glastonbury Festival.

Freedom is coming… Freedom is coming…

Bele Mama

Bele Mama is said to be from the Torres Strait Islands north of Australia, but is originally from Cameroon. “Bele Mama” means “call Mother” in the Oroko language and the rhythm is also from this region. Some say it’s a Swahili song; the words ‘Mbele Mama’ in Swahili mean ‘long time ago, mama’.

Bele Mama, Bele Mama, Bele Mama

I Stand Tall – by Gitika Partington

This song is all about dignity, about standing tall whatever life is throwing in your direction. It has some beautiful harmonies and a lovely sentiment. Here it is being sung by one of Gitika’s choirs, leading into ‘Something Inside So Strong’ (which we’ve not attempted… yet!)

See, we told you they were catchy! 

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